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Sequence of building the interior | Design studio Yuriy Zimenko

Sequence of building the interior | Design studio Yuriy Zimenko

In what sequence should be proper approach in the composition of the interior?

For all the time that I was going to do my favorite thing and devote myself to design, I developed a scheme and sequence of building the interior. These are personal observations and, as the practice has shown, is the most optimal scheme in order to create for the customers right the interior design that they have always dreamed of, but because of the lack of experience, they would never be able to realize it.

The first three points are especially important, as in the future there will be no possibility to change them, unlike interior items.

Style Definition

One of the main stages of this scheme, on which much depends in the conclusive result. In order to choose the right style and direction for the interior, you need to communicate with the designer, so that he will identify your needs and wishes, what exactly do you like in this or that style. In my practice it often happens that clients for a long time can not decide on the style of the interior. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the designer at this moment is to identify priority wishes and direct the customer to the style that is necessary for him.

Tree Selection

There is no plenty of species of wood in the world, and each breed has a number of characteristics and peculiarities – in color, texture and density. This is no less important stage in my scheme, since the future content of the entire interior depends on the choice of wood. It is the color of the floor covering that will dictate to us the color of the walls, furniture, structures and textures. This question should be given a maximum of your time.


The alternative of stone or ceramics

After the color and texture of the wood (floor covering) have been determined, it is necessary to understand the color of the stone (tile). The choice should come from the color of the wood. Thus, we build a visual understanding and future content of the interior.

The random of carpentry and kitchen

The right choice of carpentry and kitchen depends on your wishes: the future functional load and your preferences or interests to a certain factory. The carpentry is also selected according to the color characteristics, based on selected materials, such as wood and stone. They should not contradict each other, but on the contrary – they need to get involved in one design ensemble. The design of the kitchen itself should not contradict the general idea of ​​design of the whole future interior.

Option of lightning fixture and electrical equipment

A very important factor is the installation of lighting fixture and electrical equipment, as they can not simply be changed and replaced without harm to all repair. From the choice of fixtures depends on how comfortable you will feel during any time of day. Only with the help of light scenes one can create a special atmosphere or mood.

Pick of furniture, textiles and carpets

All of the mentioned above for its functionality will perform not only its direct tasks, but also unite the interior together. There should not be anything in the interior that steals the show. One must strive to ensure that everything has a common string and does not break the interior. Therefore, it is necessary to have a common connection both on furniture, and on curtains and carpets (if any). Connection should be in color and texture, or echoing patterns should be present on textiles. These moments, at first glance, are invisible, but with time you begin to pay attention to all these seemingly little things, which can not but please the eye.

Choice of art objects

In my opinion, the choice of art objects is one of the most interesting. In every apartment or house, there are always places that "require" art. It is these items that should tie and put an end to the overall concept of the entire interior design. During the selection of such items for the interior I develop in the understanding of art, and the customer together with me. The point is that you liked it at first sight and in the future it will inspire you.


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