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When problems become an advantage

When problems become an advantage

This time I would like to tell you how I feel about the problems that we face at almost every unit.

The final result of the work is influenced by many factors: your experience, knowledge, customer’s preferences, budget and mutual understanding with the client. All of this – normal state of things. But what about unpredictable, unplanned situations that arise to a greater or lesser extent during the author's supervision?

First of all, it is necessary to change the attitude towards the problem and treat it as a signal that says that it can be realized better than originally intended.

I will give some examples:

When the first few steps of a smaller size were brought (for inexplicable reasons), I came up with the idea of upbuilding a piece of stone, through a strip of metal (in my opinion, it turned out well).

There was not enough stone in stock, eventually, we added a chrome-plated insert –  it turned out better than it could be.

When the stone was assembled and we proceeded to install the outer part of the mixers, it turned out that the thickness of the stone was not two centimeters (as it was supposed), but three. Therefore, it was not possible to connect the outer and inner parts of the mixer. Then we came up with an idea to render an insert made of white artificial stone, since it is easily finished.

In this bathroom it was impossible to assemble the top luminaire because of the passage of the ceiling vent ducts. The solution was found in a vertical lamp, which was put up into the wall between the marble slabs. Thus, we kept the height of the ceiling and added a character to the guest bathroom.

In this article I gave the most striking examples: how and inn what way to solve a seemingly intractable challenge. It can be concluded that the main thing in this all is to look beyond stereotypes.

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