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Color in the interior

Color in the interior

It is the color that creates the mood in the interior, because this is the first thing you pay attention to getting into a new space, either designed by a world-class star or one of the design studios in Kiev. Experts say that the time of shades burned out in the Mediterranean sun today has went by. They are actively replaced by denser, full shades. However, fashion is a fashion, but each of us will choose a palette suitable for himself. Primarily in this matter, you need to listen to your intuition, and a professional interior designer will easily help you realize your dreams. Here is the British decorator Tricia Guild assures us that in choosing a color one should always trust his own instincts! If you find it difficult to decide upon a bright palette, color accessories will help, which fill the interior with a special atmosphere and which can easily be replaced if desired.

If you get a better look at the experience of European decorators, you can take note that, for example, Jean-Louis Deniot works with monochrome virtuously.

Frenchwoman Sarah Lavoine says that she adores color and there is a lot of it in her projects, including black, which better than most emphasizes the required and hides the superfluous.

Francis Sultana convincingly assures that the interior palette will be supplemented by dense shades of yellow, green and blue.

Designer from New York Amy Lau prefers to create projects using close shades in color scheme, which allows to give the project a calm flow and a soothing atmosphere.

Yet whoever says that, free improvisations are always good.

 A few words about color perception:

- red – strength and courage;

- burgundy – wealth;

- orange –  friendship;

- yellow – joy;

- blue – authority;

- blue – placidity;

- green – cheerfulness and health;

- black – chic and power.

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