Minimalism is a style, which needs ultimate self-discipline and perfectionism, so it fits fewer than all. But in the case of this apartment, perspective of integrity was a perfect choice.

A young businessman, unladen with family and life, wanted to get a laconic space where coziness means functional forethought and modern comfort.

Having listened carefully to the customer, designer Yuriy Zimenko proposed to play this game with white. So, a snow-white interior has been worked out with a very specific light: ceiling is cut with shining strips, emphasizing the space.

To alleviate and diversify the impression, helped the color that was applied to the interior of the rooms with accents - carefully and accurately. The atmosphere consists of furniture of European manufacturers, were selected laconic materials of the highest quality. They look like art objects on a white background.

Several features were developed in Ukraine according to the sketches and under the strict supervision of the author Yuriy Zimenko. The image of the interior finishes perfectly matched painting.

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