Grey and Walnut

The design of modern apartment is solved with a touch of style of 70-ies of the XX century: luxurious wall panels and entire sections of facade systems storage of warehousing of lacquered walnut, demonstrate the beauty of wood picture. This is a very active element of the décor and a  couple of neutral gray is added – in upholstered furniture, color of plaster, curtains, tiles and wall panels. In the bedroom has played a charming duet of walnut and gray - in the decoration of  opposite walls.

In designing attitude, apartment also has a correlative nature - they are composed of two flats. One-third of the resulting area now occupies the guest zone, the remaining area consists of private premises. Effective and intelligent detail - the presence in the rooms of beautiful paintings of Alexander Nekrashevich and glass sculptures of Nazar Bilyk.

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