Golden Oak

We will not hide the fact that the stylistics of this Kyiv apartment with a magnificent view of the Dnipro determined the style of the fashion house Valentino, or rather the design of its boutiques. In contrast to the bright collections of clothing and accessories presented in the showrooms, their interiors are much more reserved and are built on the contrast of warm and cold materials. Seeing once one of the boutiques of the brand, designer Yurіy Zimenko decided to implement such a concept within the residential interior. And when a long-time customer addressed the design studio, designer seized his opportunity. Today the Kyiv apartment, like the boutiques of Valentino, is built on the contrast of the cold texture of the stone and the warm surface of the tree. According to the designer, life in space is made up of textiles, decor and emotions of the owners themselves.

The only wish voiced by the customers concerned the functional load of space. In the interior with a total area of ​​160 sq. m. where should appeared a spacious living area combined with a dining room and a kitchen equipped with coplanar cabinets, a bedroom, a children's room, a dressing room, a bathroom and a guest bathroom with a technical unit. Having proceeded from the functionality and finalized the planning solution, the designer got down to decoration of the interior. As a basis he chose gray tiles, which were laid everywhere except the bedroom and the children’s room. In the private part of the flat, the bet was made on a parquet board made of French oak with a warm honey сast. Thus, not only textures and materials are contrasted, but also a way of life, because unlike the living room, in the bedroom and the children’s room you need to rest and recover. And to give more expressiveness to the contrast of materials, all the cabinet furniture made by the Ukrainian company Feronia (except for the kitchen) was decorated with a thin edging of braid gold. Gray is not chosen by chance, because it is always fashionable, but gold is the current trend today. This is known not only at Valentino, but also in Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko. Emotions are added to the project by the way of including soft furniture of such famous brands as Poliform and Moooi, as well as painting .... Since customers fully trusted the interior designer, the project and implementation took only eight months.

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