The modern classics

Imagine America in the era of the 30s, when Art Deco, dry law and jazz prevailed, Francis Scott Fitzgerald worked nearby and Al Capone earned his living. And now add to this all modern materials and technologies and imagine how this mix can look in modern space. This is the question which interior designer Yuriy Zimenko asked himself when started work on the space of a total area of ​​160 square meters, located however not in New York or Chicago, but in the apartment complex “Novopecherski Lypky” in the center of Kyiv. Although, the location by all means did not prevent the author of the project from put in place all ideas into reality.

“I want supreme comfort with a touch of luxury – such a wish was expressed by our client and I tried to realize it to the maximum. The most difficult thing in this project was the rethinking of its planning concept. The apartment has a kitchen with dining room, bedroom, guest room, two bathrooms and, of course, living room. The French windows in the bay windows occupied the most part of the perimeter of the rather spacious living room – they just did not fit into the chosen style, implying intimacy and clear zoning,” says Yuriy Zimenko. The way out was found by the designer in the decorating techniques, which his colleagues from the USA like to apply. Using textiles, carpets, wallpapers with different prints, as well as blinds and consoles in the living room space, he easily “divided” the room into several small zones and made it more cozy. As for the filling, some items of furniture were ordered in the USA for greater authenticity, and other (kitchen, furniture in the bathroom, doors) were made in Ukraine according to the author's sketches of the interior designer Yuriy Zimenko. Although the complex color scheme of the interior at first seemed a trailblazing experiment to the owner of the apartment, today it is unmistakable: the chosen shades envelop each guest, plunging into the stylistic epoch of America of the 30s of last century. Both the space and the client’s wishes demanded certain decorating skills, and this is exactly what Yuriy Zimenko and his design studio love and know how to do.

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