Elegant minimalism

This interior confirms that fashion trends are moving from podiums to living space. The first thing that you pay attention to when looking at a two-storey apartment in the center of Kiev –  is the color. But you will not find here the basic color around which the entire interior is gathering. After several meetings of the customer with designer Yuriy Zimenko, it was decided that each room will have its own overtone. That's why in the design of the living room the complex shades of blue perform solo. In the space of kitchen and dining room they are complemented by golden facades and Silverwood marble with expressive ornament. Sea shades and a familiar Tiffany color are used in the interior of the cabinet. In the master bathroom the blue onyx sets the style, and in the guest bathroom –  red. And finally, the bedroom interior is purple and its derived. Richly decorated carpets take on a role of the link which simultaneously intensifies the sound of all colors. A jazzy note is given to the interior by a walnut array on the floor, edited with an asymmetrical spruce (the technology of floors laying as well as individual pieces of furniture was worked out by designer Yuriy Zimenko). Precisely this trend, where different colors and shades boldly mix in one project was called “color-blocking”. This is what we have watched for the last year in the collections of leading fashion designers, and now we see it in the space of interiors.

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