Parcel from Milan

Milan is not only classic La Scala, Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is also the gallery of Rossana Orlandi, Corso Como 10 and Fondazione Prada. It is the second, modern image that was chosen as a starting point in this Kyiv apartment. “The works in the interior ended a year ago. However, only now we decided to show what we succeeded. After a pause and assessing how much space suits their owners, we realized that we did everything correctly”, says the project’s author, designer Yuriy Zimenko.

A new house. An open plan. The total area – 120 square meters. And as customers - a young family with a child. Working on this space was easy and interesting. Firstly, customers exactly knew what they wanted and can’t stood compromises. White color, as well as the rejection of unnecessary details, as also visual lightness in everything – are exactly what they desired. Secondly, the ideas of apartment owners were close to those of the interior designer, who dreamed of an art experiment.

The design concept of the project is based on asceticism and minimalism, seasoned with a portion of delicately selected modern art. All the premises of the apartment are “sewed” together into a single canvas, as if it would sound surprising, - flooring materials. Parquet reveted with French herringbone. It would seem a classic. But interior designer Yuriy Zimenko found a place for experiment here too. The floors are painted in a milky white color, but in each room we see, like brush strokes on canvas, colored inserts on the floor. Their tone matches the dominant in space. For example, in the hall – it is red. In the bedroom – green. In the living room – orange. To increase this effect, all the furniture was raised on elegant feet. And in order to make the project visually more complex, it was imbued with ceramics by the Ukrainian craftswoman Lesya Padun and painting by the Belarusan artist Ruslan Vashkevich. Everything in this interior reminds of the Milan apartments of the 60’s of the last century. And brands speak volumes: the kitchen – Dada, seating and cabinet furniture – B&B Italia. Real Italy!

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