Mediation lines

The dynamism and abundance of information characteristic of our time prompts each of us to search for a foothold, to organize the space around us and bring certainty into life. The field of experiment often becomes the home interior. In our own house, we strive to create harmony, and, as a result, recharge with positive energy, relax. This concept can manifest itself in different elements of the interior: in the color of the walls, in furniture and decor. All this can be said about the collection of carpets developed by the design studio of Yuriy Zimenko for the Swedish company Vandra Rugs. At first glance, graphic elements that are formal at first glance help the designer solve the task: a line, a color spot, and a strict configuration of the object. Patterns invented by Yuriy Zimenko structures the space and sets a meditative rhythm for it.

Vandra Rugs is always natural materials (in this case, wool) and handmade. This approach enhances the energy of the subject, laid down by interior designer Yuriy Zimenko.

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