Mini gallery in the style of loft

Fresh youth space - very comfortable and bohemian to the extend – spacing in one breath. But when you come right down to it, there is a cocktail made up of interior styles.

An old house with walls of beautiful brickwork and high ceilings allowed a lot. One of the most pleasant findings - the wall in the living room. Here, in TV-zone area, was left vintage plaster of pale purple color, which looks surprisingly elegant on the background of an old brick.

Throughout the apartment develops the theme of "retro" in conjunction with "industrial" - hence the slight sound of the loft with romantic inclusions of charming furniture in the classical spirit, velvet curtains, "granny’s" commodes and other charming details. Let’s add here excellent modern art and floral bouquets arranged throughout the apartment, and we’ll get the right interior for a young and creative client.

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