In contrast

This two-storey house with a total area of ​​150 sq. m is in the suburbs of Kiev. When designer Yuriy Zimenko and his bureau started to develop the interior design, they received done dimension made of wood both outside and inside. It was this fact that became the starting point in the work on the concept of the project. “In my opinion, the house would look rather boring, if I subdued the interior design to its architectural covering. Consequently, I decided that such an abundance of wood should be diluted with contrasting materials, which would add comfort and uniсity to the interior. So the color and different textures appeared in the house space,” – says the author of the project. In the spacious living room we can see a smart fireplace with tiles. In the dining room there is white furniture. In the bedroom and in other rooms –  bright textiles. In the house all the soft furniture is covered with drapery of floral or geometric ornaments. And all cabinet furniture – painted in contrasting shades to wood.

The design bureau of Kiev subdued the planning concept of the house to its owner’s lifestyle. The first floor of the house is comprised by a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a guest room and an office. The second floor – a bedroom, a bathroom and a children’s room. The project so pleased the owner that he turned soon to Yuriy Zimenko with a request to arrange an apartment and the designer willingly agreed.

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