A fairly spacious apartment of 130 sq. m is located in one of the residential complexes in the center of the capital. A married couple with children saw their living space in a calm color scheme, with two children's rooms, a spacious kitchen-living room, two bathrooms and a laundry room. 

The author of the project, Ukrainian interior designer Yuriy Zimenko, also had to provide spacious storage systems in each room, since there was no opportunity to create a separate dressing room. All the wishes of the customers were fulfilled, while all modern trends in the arrangement of living space were used in the interior design. 

So, despite the combination of the living room and the kitchen, there is a food intake area - near the kitchen island with bar counters in the kitchen, and a separate dining area in the living room by the large panoramic window. The kitchen furniture of the famous Italian brand Castagna Cucine looks completely organic, with facades literally imitating wall decoration. 

Almost all walls in the interior are paintable, which makes the space more environmentally friendly. The flooring - natural oak board Mardegan and ceramic tiles of the famous brand Ariostea - also meets the trend of environmental friendliness in the interior. The living room and bedroom are decorated with works of the talented Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Prisyazhnyuk. 

In the interior scenario, one clear line can be traced, emphasized by the textiles of the famous French brand Pierre Frey, which in each room is presented with products from different collections and in different colors, which literally permeates the space, creating a single atmosphere. One of the interesting design solutions of the author of the project was a recessed, hidden plinth - both upper and lower. This added a strict graphicity to the space. 

Another interior trend, successfully applied in this interior by designer Yuriy Zimenko, is a glass partition between the bedroom and the bathroom. This solution made it possible to visually enlarge the bathroom, which has no windows.

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