On the same wave

When a designer and his clients look in the same direction, there is a high probability that the interior will appeal to all participants in the process.

In the portfolio of Design Studio Yuriy Zimenko you can find different projects: monochrome and bright, minimalistic and classic. And all because Yuriy Zimenko loves to experiment. And customers see their homes in different ways. In the case of this apartment, located in one of the new residential complexes in Kiev, the construction of the project began with emotion. During the first meeting with the designer, his future customers mentioned a recent trip to Austria. The family has two sons, both are athletes and trips to ski resorts are not just part of their leisure time. During the last voyage, parents and their children spent several days in the chalet. They talked about him so emotionally that it was the houses on the alpine slopes that became the main input for the designer Yuri Zimenko in the development of the concept of an apartment in Kiev. “What is the main feature of the chalet? In an abundance of natural wood. And wood in the interior is a great background for color experiments, which I use from time to time. We seized on this idea and tried to reveal it as much as possible in the interior space, ”says Yuriy Zimenko.

It all started with finalizing the original layout. The central core of the apartment was allocated for the living room, combined with the kitchen and dining room. Two bedrooms and bathrooms were located next door, and a spacious corridor made room for them. But the main stake in the design of the apartment was made on textures: wood, metal, stone, natural textiles and fur upholstery. And also - on color accents and art objects from Ukrainian artists. Most of the furniture in this interior is also of Ukrainian origin. “We set ourselves the task of creating a modern space with an atmosphere that customers could call“ their home ”. For this, tactile materials and a rich palette were used. And since we worked in full confidence and in the same breath with the customers, we succeeded in everything we planned, ”recalls designer Yuriy Zimenko.

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