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Articles of art for an interior

Articles of art for an interior

How to find the right approach to the choice of art objects for the interior?

Many a one believe that the pictures in the interior primarily are an indicator of the social status of people. In fact, with the competent work of the designer and the client, exactly the pictures are the main and final point in the creation of the project. They must become the soul of the interior, to show a view of life of those people who will live in this apartment or house.

The selection of canvas is a much deeper and delicate work than the design itself. You can even say - an intimate work that can be compared with the work of a psycho- or art-therapist.

From the first stage of work on the interior with the customer (meaning the definition of style, preferences in color, texture and detailing), you can and should ask the client a question about preferences in the style of painting and art.

Just then the designer begins to form an image of the ideal picture. No, you do not need to paint a customized picture. The vision of the picture by the designer is determined by the specific requirements of this particular interior and, most importantly, it is the level of painting and the artist's talent that can never be neglected. When all this evolves, you feel the ideal from the first second, when the client and the picture meet in the interior, everything becomes clear without words. Thus, there is a revelation after which none of us can understand why this canvas has appeared here just now.

The picture should not repeat the interior or reecho it, but should be harmonious and consonant with every detail. But it does not mean copying the colors or textures of the interior, on the contrary – never ever one can do like that. Only a small brushstroke in the picture of the desired shade can make it sound all together – both the interior and the canvas.

One can overdo with art, so you need to introduce art objects correctly, realizing that you create style and comfort for a particular person.

Art critics of the auction house Sotheby's define very interesting criteria, according to which people prefer to choose paintings and often it works.

Each interior requires a certain style of painting, but it does not mean that contemporary art can only live in modern interiors, and people collecting antiques must put contemporary art under the bed.

What are these criteria? For example, a calm sea for interior and life is more attractive than a storm, and still life with flowers or fruits are more interesting than with chase, or that brown and dark colors frighten customers, so juicy and bright are preferable.

Certainly, choosing paintings in the interior, all this should be intended, but most importantly, do not go to extremes.

The life of paintings in the interior is not only a beautiful picture, but also harmony, the integrity of the last moment. It is with the help of the painting that you make a decision: put a dot in the interior, an exclamation or an ellipsis. All this is read at a glance.

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