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House in Art Nouveau

House in Art Nouveau

After acquiring their own already built house, most owners want to radically change everything in the design of the living space. It is at this stage that difficulties and a lot of questions arise from the owners of finished houses. In order to solve them quickly and competently, you should contact a qualified specialist - design studio. The interior designer will help you quickly and accurately determine the color scheme, style, and also transfer the wishes of each family member to a correctly thought-out design project at home.

The task of this particular design project was not an easy one, as the architecture of the house was made in the Art Nouveau style, where at the initial stage it dictated the direction of the interior style.

Designer Yuri Zimenko tried to combine the exterior with the interior, where I had to mix several styles, such as: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Modern Style, which allowed in this case to correctly transfer the existing architecture, as well as the mood of the house into the interior and vice versa.

Interior Designer Zimenko Yuriy

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