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Luxury in Italian

Luxury in Italian

Widow Clicquot

Recently, Ukrainian customers have become not only more attentive to the choice of color palette and listen to designers, but also desperately take risks, or rather agree to the most unexpected experiments. The truth is that we did not have to persuade the owner of this project. She knew exactly what she wanted. Turning to the kievan interior designer Yuriy Zimenko, first of all she said that she dreams about space with the author's furniture, black color and an abundance of gold. The customer wanted to create in the space of her house the allusion of a villa, congenial to the houses of the French and Italian coasts. And she can be understood. What to do in such a house, except of enjoy life, views from the window and luxurious interior compositions? The designer Yuriy Zimenko and his design studio Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko took care of lattermost.

What do you associate with French houses? Probably with a natural stone, which saves in the summer from the hot sun. With natural wood, sometimes handled quite brutal. With high ceilings and luxurious doors. And the Italian? Approximately the same plus an abundance of graphic elements, light negligence in the selection of accessories and gold surfaces, refracting the sun in summer and filling with warmth in the winter season. All this a designer united under one roof. As well as the Frenchwoman known to all of us – the widow Clicquot – the owner of this interior is also ambitious, possesses an extraordinary intellect and managerial talent. And since the project implied not only a field for experiments, but also complete freedom of creativity, Yuriy Zimenko willingly got to work and that's what happened.

Design Studio Zimenko Yuriy

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